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Let A Professional Sell Your Home!

Selling a home is the largest business transaction most of us will ever make. 
The selling process can be very complex and time consuming. However, with the aid of my professional services, be certain that you will come away completely satisfied, stress free and with more money in your pocket than if you were to try to sell your home privately or with a discount broker. 
Anyone can slap a "For Sale" sign on a frontyard and place an ad in the paper. We all do that if we have a car to sell or other household items.  However, selling a home is a much more complex undertaking. If you wish to get the most for your investment, you need to maximize your marketing to reach the largest market. You need to have a professional working for you who is well versed and educated in the legalities of business transactions and has a proven successful business background in marketing. Since our home is our largest investment, we should treat it as such and be wise in how we deal with it and who we have working for us.

Why Shouldn't I Sell My House Myself?


-   Private sales attract bargain hunters who expect to pay less!

-   80% of buyers have a Realtor working for them!

-   MLS listings put all licensed Realtors to work for you!

-   Most Realtors have qualified the propects!

-   Knowledge and experience is used to price your home properly!